Episode 90: Going from furloughed to Elite Ads Manager with Casandra Galvez

KEY POINTS [00:01:48] Why Casandra decided to act fast and

Jody Milward


[00:01:48] Why Casandra decided to act fast and learn how to run Facebook Ads for clients

[00:02:44] The difference between traditional marketing and Facebook marketing

[00:05:28] What Casandra likes best about the lifestyle of an ads manager

[00:09:52] The simple step to qualify if clients are really ready for ads, even if they say they are!

[00:11:55] The secret tactics you can tell your clients to increase their lead conversions


Jody: Welcome to this episode of Online Confidential. Where we are going behind the scenes of Secret Ad Manager business with one of our Elite Ad Manager graduates. Casandra. Casandra, welcome to the show.

Casandra: Awesome. Thank you so much for having me here, Jody. I’m ecstatic to chat with you.

Jody: It’s always a pleasure when you jump on for our Zoom calls during Elite, and then when we’ve caught up other times, you’re always such a joy. You’ve got that beautiful big smile and I’m excited to share with the audience today a bit about your journey as an ad manager. Like I say, none of us grew up in school saying ‘I want to run Facebook ads for clients’.

So what did you do before you were an ad manager and how did you get to this point where you are running ads for clients?

Casandra: That is a great question. So yes, I did not wake up one day and be like, oh, Facebook should be a cool thing. Actually, it didn’t even exist when I was little, so I wouldn’t have been able to say that.

Before I even started as an ads manager. I was a, oh man, I don’t even remember the title that it was, but it was something complicated, but it was kind of like a marketing analyst and an international marketing coordinator combined. So I did a little bit of everything.

I mostly did lots of translation for this company and I took care of all of their sales and their sales reps and helping them from Mexico all the way to Chile. So that’s where I started, but it was marketing related, so I always did all the stuff and I did sales events with them. That was always super, super fun to me and the market analysis that I did.

Sales trends and marketing analysis for the US and also for Latin America. I think that’s the part that I like the most, event coordination and marketing analysis. So, then eventually in 2020, the pandemic hit and I got furloughed. So I was like, wow, okay, well what do I do now? And I was just thinking, I was like, I’m not just going to sit here, what can I do?

But in 2017, I saw an ad about Facebook ads and I was like, that sounds interesting. And they were selling the idea that it’s relatively simple to run ads for other companies. So I was like, okay, well if people say they can do it, I can do it. But since I was still in corporate, I was like, I’ll get to it eventually.

But in 2020, I did not get to it eventually I was like, I need to do it now. And in that case again, I saw an ad for Facebook ads and I was like, okay, I kind of know what this is happening, but still let me buy a course. It’s possibly even more updated and refreshed, so let’s do it. And that’s how I did it, and that’s how I ended up starting.

Jody: Love it. So you’ve actually got a bit of a marketing kind of background, which not all ad managers do at all. Do you think that helped you on your journey to where you are now running ads for six and seven figure coaches and course creators?

Casandra: In a sort of sense, yes, and in a sort of sense no. In a sort of sense, yes in the fact that I know I need to sell their product and understand their product, to say stuff to convince people. But it was mostly traditional marketing, so it was more about features and benefits that I know like in ads copywriting, you don’t want to fully say that, you want to say about their feelings.

So that’s the thing that had to completely change and just be like, oh, okay. But the other thing that did help was actually event coordination. Because I see running ads as an event. You get the client, that’s checklist number one. Then you go run through all this checklist that you have to do to get them ready.

Then you talk to them, then you tell them the strategy. So it’s like a full blown event coordination. So that’s the part that I like about it and the number analysis, which was my favorite part in corporate .

Jody: It’s so interesting that you say that. So, with your marketing experience previously, and how it’s different to Facebook ads, that’s how I find a lot of corporates, right?

They’re doing traditional marketing strategies, whereas when it comes to Facebook ads, they really don’t know where to start. So that’s why I tell ad managers corporate gigs are great because even though they may have an in-house team, , they may not most likely know or understand how to use Facebook ads as part of their marketing strategy.

So consulting opportunities in there are golden for a lot of ad managers.

Casandra: Absolutely. I agree with you because we tried when I started kind of learning a little bit in 2017, I did tell them we can take advantage of Facebook ads. And they were like, yeah, no, that’s paid advertising, we don’t want to, we’ll keep with our magazines. And I was like, okay, whatever. I tried.

Jody: Yeah, exactly. And then it comes about this education and that side of it. So it can be long relationships to get there or you might just reach out to the right person at the right time that, ‘Yeah, we’ve been thinking about it’.

So definitely an avenue to pursue. So now you’re working from home, you’re running ads. I love the name of your business, tell everybody what is the name of your business?

Casandra: It’s called ‘Married with Ads’ because I work alongside with my husband. So we are married and we run ads, so we’re like, why not ‘Married with Ads’?

There we go.

Jody: Awesome. I love it. Very cute. Very cute and memorable as well. You’re working from home, you’re running ads for clients with your husband, married with ads. So, what do you like best about this lifestyle that you’ve created with this business?

Casandra: Possibly, I would have to say the flexibility to be able to stay at home and be able to do different things.

So for example, I help out at this gym as a Zumba instructor, we’ll talk about that a little later, but I have the flexibility to be like, let me go. I can help out with the 10:00am class. Otherwise I would be like, oh, sorry, I can’t help you unless it’s like past 6:00 pm. So I really, really love the flexibility of having that.

Or if there’s a doctor’s appointment, I don’t have to be like, can I get a doctor’s note please. Yeah. So they believe me, I was here and stuff like that. Definitely the flexibility or even traveling back home. Before I had to plan all of my vacation, make sure it’s all in December so that I can actually kind of like make it like two-ish weeks.

Now I can be like, all right, I’ll go see your mom for two weeks. No worries about it. I can still work from there.

Jody: Love that. And with the Zumba as well. Fantastic. Because I know a lot of us can just end up getting chained to the desk and we don’t get active. I know that was the case for me, whereas like I was fairly inactive for a lot of years and also really bad arthritis, ended up getting my ankle fused. A whole big drama there.

So what tips as a Zumba pro, what tips would you have for us to like, okay, get off the computer and get active?  What could be a quick 10 minute routine, play some music or what would you recommend?

Casandra: That’s a great question. See, funny enough, I love to stay on the computer because if I start one thing, I want to finish it. So that’s a tough part. But my suggestion, get a dog, they will get you out of there . But in general, the other thing that helps a lot is the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch when it starts reminding you, you’ve got to stand up. I’m like, are you sure? I’m like, okay, let me finish this one thing. Let me stop. And then I actually go up or do something. Or the other thing is I should get some water, I finished this whole thing.

Let me go downstairs to get water. Or, oh, I want coffee. So just make sure you put the things that you want far away so you actually get up.

Jody: That is a great tip. It’s like putting your alarm clock out of reach in the morning, You’ve got to get out of bed to go and turn it off.

I highly recommend getting a dog because they’re going to look at you with sad eyes at four o’clock in the afternoon, saying, I’ve got to go for a walk. Like you said, we can get caught up. I want to finish this, I want to get this done. And then three hours can go past and you’re still sitting there and it’s really not good for us physically long term at all.

Get an Apple Watch. Great idea. Have a timer, take hourly breaks. Get up and walk away because that’s workplace health and safety. So there’s a few little workplace health and safety tips for today’s episode.

So, tell us, what do you love about the clients that you work with now, those six and seven figure coaches and course creators?

Casandra: What I love about them is their trust, I’m going to have to say, because lots of them either come from other people that they were like, I didn’t really feel like they treated me well, or they didn’t communicate with me, or I tried to run ads myself and I’m deadly scared of ads, I don’t want to just waste money.

And slowly you have to build that relationship with them. And what I really appreciate about them is that they trust me. And the thing is, it’s not just trust for the ads. It’s not like they’re like, ‘Hey, Casandra’, or ‘Hey Casan’, can you just do the ads? And it’s fine. They actually ask me, what do you think of this sales page that I’m building?

What do you think of this landing page? What words can I use here to make it better? So, I’m not just their ads manager. I’m their advisor for their whole funnel or their whole sales process, which I appreciate and I appreciate their trust.

Jody: Like you say as an ad manager, it often goes beyond just, here’s the ad.

We’re often giving feedback on, oh, actually your landing page isn’t converting, and seeing all these other insights that they may not know about. So getting to that position of trusted advisor with your clients is super valuable, super important so that you can do your job as best as you can.

So with that, there’s always frustrations. What’s one of the frustrations that you have when it comes to getting qualified leads for your ad management services?

Casandra: Great question. So the tough part about that is that at times you may just chat with somebody and regardless of how many questions you might do to qualify them, they can still sneak in.

And you’d be like, oh my God, I thought you had everything ready, but I just realized you have nothing ready. And how did you even sneak in? I have all these questions and then it’s the hard process of like trying to reteach them everything that they need to be ready for ads.

But the toughest part is not even just that, because maybe they’ll do it. It’s the fight you get along the way of ‘but I’ve always done it this way;. I’m like, ‘I understand, but we have to change things for ads just a little bit’.

I’ve noticed also myself, we’re all resistant to change. If it’s worked one way, why should I change it? So I think that’s the toughest part, when they’re not fully ready for ads and they somehow snuck in regardless of how are you trying not to get them to sneak in.

Jody: Absolutely. That happens so often and, not that it’s going to guarantee that kind of thing not happening, but doing audits, right? So, if you’re just doing a sales call, you might do a one call close or you might do, here’s your initial intake call and then you have a longer call if they have qualified, doing an audit on their ad account.

So you can actually go in and see what’s set up, what funnels they have been running, is the pixel installed? Are they disabled ads? Has the ad account been disabled? All these kind of things is one part of it. And then yes, like you say, it’s  ‘oh, you say you’re going to do a launch. Oh, there’s still no website for it.

There is still no copy there. Oh, there’s no sales page, there’s no product’. There’s all those things, but if you can have a look under the bonnet, that can help reduce the risk of getting a client on board who just simply hasn’t been ready for their Facebook ads.

Now, I know you’ve had some great success with your clients.  Tell us one of those cases where you’ve been really happy and the client’s been really happy about the results that you’ve gotten.

Casandra: Absolutely. So I know there’s like the frustrating and then there’s that ‘Oh my goodness, we made it work! This is awesome!’ So, that was one of my clients that she is absolutely amazing.

She absolutely loves helping women with life coaching and all that stuff. She really wanted to grow and just get more impact. She was a little bit scared when we started working with ads. She was like, I know I’ve maxed out my warm audience, and I know, I don’t want to, but let me start with ads.

So we started with a small ad spend to a quiz she had, and they did really, really well. She was like, okay, these things actually work. And what was amazing was that she was measuring the efficiency of the leads, because it’s hard when you have a freebie or a quiz, but she was measuring her efficiency of the people that were coming in based on people who engaged with her email.

So she was like, oh my goodness, these people actually engage with me all the time. This is amazing. So then eventually she was like, you know what? I think I feel comfortable enough to try a launch, let’s do it. I’m like, okay, you know we’re going to have to increase ad spend. She’s like, ‘Ooh, sure, but it feels a little bit scary, but okay, let’s do it’.

And we did it. We used a projection calculator and she was like, okay, I think like we’ll do well with this. And we did. It was really, really good. She had a five day challenge and she’s absolutely amazing at talking with people. Getting them engaged, getting them to respond to her, getting them interactive and all that stuff.

She also did a fantastic job at nurturing them. Whenever the time for her to make the offer came, it was a no-brainer for lots of people to hop on a call with her, for them to actually be invited to join her program. So she was thrilled about that, and at the end we ended up getting her $30k in revenue.

So she was thrilled. She was like, oh my goodness, if 2000 was able, and it was actually even under 2000, I think it was close to 1500, was able to get me $30k. She’s like, I can’t, I can’t wait to see what happens if I increase the ad spend for next time. So that was very, very exciting.

Jody: That’s awesome. Love those sort of cases. And like you said, she’s very good at nurturing and that’s such a key part of it, especially when you’re doing ads and cold traffic and leads in great to the next question is, what is one significant insight that you would give business owners about Facebook ads?

Casandra: Great question. So I would say there’s a few things. The very first one is like, just don’t assume that they’re just going to arrive to your list and start purchasing like, oh my God, yes, let’s do this. Because they actually need the nurturing. That’s the most important part. But it’s very hard to get a person to understand that, because I know we all want immediate results, but that’s when I have to remind them.

I’m like, so how are you doing it organically? Did it work when you put out a post and then everybody started purchasing like tomorrow? No, it took some time. So with ads it’s going to have to be the same, except that you actually have to be very, very good about nurturing people.

Jody: Absolutely. Yep. Very good with nurturing people and there’s numbers of ways you can do that. One, you can do that just with your ads, have some nurturing campaigns getting out so people are seeing them. You’re dominating the newsfeed. They see you all the time.

But then also, if you’re not doing big, big numbers, you can have a personal approach. So one of the things that I love to tell people about these days is, when people come in, when they’re opting in for something, if you’re only getting 20 leads a day for your webinar, or if they’ve purchased your low ticket item, whatever it is, send them a greeting.

I like to use Bonjoro, so I send them a little video and say, ‘Hey, welcome to the community. I’d love to learn more about you’. So having that kind of approach. Great for nurturing as well when you’re in those smaller numbers and you can still be more personal.

So what is one significant insight that you would give to others who are looking at running Facebook ads for clients?

Casandra: I would say definitely invest in a course that actually shows you what to do from head to toe. Because before I got into Elite, I think I went through four other different courses because the very first one was missing this one thing. And you’re like, okay, I guess I can figure it out. No, I couldn’t.

So you buy the other course that tells you that one thing and then you’re just like, oh, but now I’m missing this other thing. And then you’re like, okay, well the next course has this. Let me figure it out. But when I ended up in Elite with you, it literally had everything. And yeah, at the times it can’t be scary.

You’re like, oh my gosh, it could be an investment, but it was possibly worth less than what I had to pay for each individual course. So definitely invest in one good course.

Jody: Great insights there. Thank you. So now this is the most important. Questionable. Are you ready?

Casandra: I’m ready for this. Okay.

Jody: Are you a cat or a dog person?

Casandra: Dog for sure! Literally just got a little puppy. Her name’s Zoe’s, so definitely dog!

Jody: I saw Zoe the other day. She is super cute. What breed is she again?

Casandra: She’s a mini golden doodle.

Jody: They are just so cute. Seriously, whenever you pass one of those, you just can’t help but get ‘Oh’. I’m sure when you take her for walks, you are going to get mobbed by people wanting to pat her.

She’s out in the crate at the moment, being nice and quiet.

Casandra: Yeah, she is. Actually,

Jody: We’ll have to let you go so she can get your attention again. Thank you very much Casandra, for being with us today and sharing your insights and expertise as you are running ads for clients.

If anyone wants to connect with you or learn more about you, where can they go to?

Casandra: The best place would actually have to be my personal Facebook profile, so if you just find me under Casandra Galvez, I’ll be happy to chat with you.

Jody:  Awesome. Okay.

Casandra: Also, thank you so much for having me, Jody. I appreciate your time and chatting with you. I always love it.

Jody: Likewise, Casandra. It’s always great chatting with you.  Like I said, love your big smile there and if I was in your area, I would be in one of your Zumba classes for sure. It would be a lot of fun.

Thanks everyone for being with us today. Bye for now.


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