Episode 80: Going From $2,000 A Month To $2,000 A Day

Jody: Hey everybody, it’s great to be here with you

Jody Milward

Jody: Hey everybody, it’s great to be here with you today and I’m excited to introduce you to one of our Certified Elite Ad Managers, Cassandra. Cassandra has been one of our star students. She just gets in there. She asks all these very interesting questions and has just absolutely crushed her time in the Elite Ad Manager and is being rewarded for it these days with some great opportunities that are coming her way paying it back for all the hard work that she’s been putting in. So Cassandra welcome it is great to have you here with us.

Cassandra: Hi there, Jody. Thanks for having me and inviting me to come on here with you.

Jody: My absolute pleasure, Cassandra, it’s been so great having you inside the Elite Ad Manager.

So tell us a bit about your background. Like what led you to this point? Obviously you were not born an ad manager. Nobody is. Nobody really goes to school saying “I wanna learn how to do Facebook ads.” So what brought you to this point of becoming an Elite Ad Manager?

Cassandra: Honestly, my family got hit hard with 2020. A lot of people did and a lot of people pivoted online. I thought I had a tiny bit of experience running ads and I had no idea , but that brought me to some of your content, your Inner Circle stuff.

I saw that program and I saw the potential of it and went for it a hundred percent. So before that I was a homeschool mom which I still am. I did teaching English to Chinese kids online, super early in the morning. Just doing kind of the independent stuff for a little while.

Jody: Wow. English to Chinese students and very early starts for you. That’s fascinating. It’s so interesting to hear the backgrounds and what people have done before getting into this experience. And I mean like, yes, 2020. That was a big thing, for sure. A lot of people who thought jobs were secure, weren’t so secure, and everyone started working online. For us who have been running ads for people for a lot of time and we always use Zoom and it’s like, wow, now the whole world knows about Zoom. I think people have a lot more understanding of all these opportunities that you can now have working online.

So you did mention that you had a bit of experience running ads but then you discovered that you really didn’t know too much. So tell us a bit more about that.

Cassandra: That was just kind of a while ago, just trying to promote like an MLM thing on the side and then with the homeschool organization in my area, helping them try to find more families to join their community and stuff. I look back on it now and I’m like, oh my gosh, what the heck was I doing? I thought I knew everywhere to go, it sounded and looked right, it made sense and it had results. But now I realize that was just luck and there’s a little more to it.

Jody: There is there is. So what’s one of the big takeaways for you going through the training? What has it really opened your eyes to when it comes to running Facebook ads for clients?

Cassandra: Honestly I think the biggest one is just this entire world of online businesses and that space. So if you’re someone who hasn’t realized how big that is, there’s room for everybody. That in itself, like working with clients now that are spending, $2,000 a day and that was what I was making as an online teacher per month.

Right. And that’s just a tiny bit of their marketing, that’s huge. This niche is not so tiny. There’s so many other little things in there and so I think that was the biggest takeaway. Sometimes I try to talk to other parents who are struggling. ‘I need to make some income, but I can’t leave my house.’ And I’m like, please look online, you have no idea how big that is.

Jody: Opportunities are there. I just love being an advocate for that and sharing that message. I was talking to someone else recently about looking for work and there is a whole big global potential client base that you can be working from here.

One of the things that ad managers often have with their clients is expectations and so I anticipate the expectations that you’ve maybe learned to set for clients since going through the program has changed. So when you were doing those first few Facebook ads, you went this’ll be great. But then after actually going through the training and going, wow, so we need to do X, Y, Z, then this sort of campaign, this sort of funnel, and setting the correct expectations for clients.

How has that helped?

Cassandra: Absolutely. I mean even the sheets that you have with the metrics, that’s probably my favorite part about ads because the numbers will speak. I don’t need to feel it, I don’t need to think it, I just look at the numbers. Yes. It’s working, no, it’s not. That removes so much of the subjective part of it that makes other things so complex. I think my favorite part about it is that you can do that. You go in depth into all of those things and your strategy, is there’s a lot of moving parts that they kind of just mesh together and click.

So when it comes to setting those expectations, I got something, at least it feels concrete. I know I said no feelings, right. But it feels concrete like, hey, these are the numbers. If somebody was getting dollar leads and now they want 20,000 new registrants for something, and they’ve only got 4,000. The math’s not there. It’s those kinds of things that I didn’t have in my head before, just that number sense when it comes to the ads and being able to see what’s actually going to work. What has the potential to work and what is just smoke.

Jody: Exactly like you said, the numbers don’t lie. You get the data in and it takes away those feelings in the emotions going, I think this, or I think that. It’s like here’s the data and this is what it’s telling us. It’s either telling us the ads aren’t working, it tells us that the landing pages isn’t working, or it tells us that the offer isn’t working. So yes, the data is your friend.

Another question that I have for you is, when you started out, how many clients did you have before you did the Elite Ad Manager? And has that changed for you since going through the training?

Cassandra: So when I officially started I had zero clients. I remember you helped me with a discovery call in the very beginning. Super sweet couple, but they ghosted me and I’m like what did I do wrong and now I know it, it wasn’t me. They did come back later, but I had zero clients.

Now I have a handful of clients of my own. I landed a super sweet job, like an employee position with a company. So I never would have been in the space to obtain something like that if it weren’t for your program and if it weren’t for you. I don’t wanna cry, but I’m super grateful to be where I’m at right now.

Jody: That’s awesome. It’s so good because you touched on there, as being an employee, so it’s not always just a matter of you being a business owner and getting clients on board. When you know how to run Facebook ads, there are businesses all over the place. There agencies all over the place that are looking for great ad managers and who are wanting to hire them. Not just as a contractor, but also employee opportunities.

This isn’t the kind of skills that you’re going to learn at school or at university, right? This is just real world skills that you can learn and they’re super valuable. So I’m so glad that you touched on that and I’m so glad these opportunities have opened up for you, Cassandra beacuse you are just so deserving of them. You put in all the work and all the hard yards and now you’re reaping the benefits for it. I just love hearing that. You deserve everything that comes your way there.

Jody: If there is just one takeaway that you would have from doing the Elite Ad Manager certification, that one gold nugget or that one thing that would just change everything for you, what would that be?

Cassandra: I’ve already touched on a lot. I know it sounds super cliche, but I feel like it did change my life. It’s on a different trajectory than I could have imagined, you know? So that’s something that there’s no price on that.

Jody: I know learning Facebook ads myself has had the exact same thing. You know, being able to connect with people like yourself all around the world, connect with some amazing people and then also determine my own lifestyle. I’m not going off to a nine to five. I’m not subjected to having just one boss and having to live by those rules. I have the freedom. I can go off and co-work with some friends for like a week, I can go off and, go to conferences in America when travel opens up again and meet all these amazing people. So it really does open up a world of opportunity and I’m really excited for you to continue along that journey. So thank you, Cassandra.

I wanted to touch on one of the big things, which is the community in the Elite Ad Manager and how, you especially are such a valuable part of it.

You’re there, you’re a little cheerleader for everybody and as we all ask our questions, you are there giving answers and supporting everyone along the way. So thank you very much for being part of it and I couldn’t imagine it without you. So thank you very much and thanks for sharing your story, being vulnerable and sharing your experiences because you’re certainly not alone with this. That’s why we do this so that we can help people change the trajectory of their lives in such a good way. So Cassandra, thank you so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

So if you want to know anything more about the Elite Ad Manager Certification, what makes this program so different?

It’s how it’s not just a program, but it’s also a mentorship and how it could maybe unlock doors for you that you think have been locked for a very long time and open up opportunities to working from home and working with an international client base. Head over to and learn more. Pop your name on the wait list if the doors are closed, but if they’re open, I’d suggest you jump in quick.


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