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Facebook Like Ads…. Yeah….   There’s a bit of controversy

Jody Milward

Facebook Like Ads….



There’s a bit of controversy about that those because a lot of people dismiss them as a vanity metric.


First of all, I just want to make sure we don’t get Like Ads confused with people going to places like Fiver and giving them five bucks and getting a thousand Likes. Those likes are (C-R-A-P), which is not good for you in the long run because it’s not going to create an engaged page, which is what we’re doing with our Like Ads – we’re investing into Facebook Like Ads and playing building relationship with our ‘Fans’

Many people think that putting money behind Like Ads, is just a vanity metric – to make your page look good.  However, Facebook love to keep people on their platform & if you’re doing Like Ads that’s one way of keeping them on the platform. They come and like your page & then you build the relationship with them on your page with information they will enjoy and engage with.  However some people complain, “Oh, Facebook isn’t showing my posts to anybody!  Do I have to pay to get it in front of my audience now?” Well yeah sometimes you do. But there’s very effective ways of doing that with your page engagement selection of the ads – when it’s just costing you half a cent, it can go a long way. Then when people will Like and Share it increases your organic (FREE) reach as it goes to your fans friends then all their hundreds of friends on Facebook etc, and you’ve got a huge organic reach.

Investing into Like Ads builds an audience on your page. An engaged audience. A targeted audience. So you need to do your research in Audience Insights, know which pages your ideal students are Liking and engaging with and then, invite them to like your page as well.   You do your Like ad, they Like your Page and start engaging with your posts. Then, as I said, when they engage with your posts, it spreads like wildfire to all their friends.

Granted, Likes on your Facebook Page is rented space. What we ideally want to do is to get people from our Facebook page over onto our email list. That’s something that we own and we can communicate and we can talk with them any time we like.  But you’ve got to develop a relationship because I don’t know about you, but how many times a day do you see things coming up in your newsfeed saying, “Sign up here. Sign up here. Sign up here.” You don’t know who they are. You sign up and then your inbox is full. Facebook is an awesome way where you can keep the engagement, keep the conversation going with people where you stay front of mind, so that when they do go into their inbox that has 693 emails that are unopened, they’ll see one from you and they’ll open that one. Which is another really important reason to get people to Like your Page – to stay front of mind, be relevant and engage with them.

As I said earlier, Facebook are really loving it when we keep people on the platform. The strategy of doing a Like ad and then Boosting posts to them which could either be promotional posts or engagement posts as well, will be much cheaper than if you just try and do website conversions. The Facebook advertising platform is getting very, very competitive. Facebook have actually said that they’re going to be running out of ad inventory halfway through this year. Don’t panic though. They’re looking at other ways that they can incorporate ads. Have you seen Messenger ads or sponsored posts in your Facebook Groups?


But back to Like Ads, (I’m sorry, there’s just so much in the world of Facebook ads isn’t there?)


ike Ads are a very effective way to build an audience, build trust, build relationship, and when you look at it, it might take a bit of working out to find a sweet spot for your Like Ads. If you can get them down to twenty cents a day or less, that’s awesome. It’s going to take some tweaking and testing like all Facebook ads do. You’re going have to find your audience and find the message that they want to hear, that’s really going to resonate and connect with them. But when you do hit that sweet spot and you’ve paid twenty cents or less, then, when you do want to do website conversion ads, the fans of your page are likely going to be much cheaper than cold audiences.

Facebook fans of your page are a warm audience that will often convert at a cheaper price when you’re making an offer for them to buy or opt-in.  They will often convert at a cheaper price than a cold audience. There is real value in Facebook Like Ads. Don’t just dismiss as a vanity metric. They’re not. An audience on your Facebook page is very valuable. Sure it’s a rented asset, you don’t own it like your email list, but it’s the progression. We’re not just shouting out to people we don’t know, “Hey, come and sign up and join my list.” It’s like going on a first date and expecting to jump into bed together. No, there’s a bit of courtship involved and that’s where Like Ads are really good for you to get people to like your page, build that relationship and then go off and get married and sign up on the email list.


Investing into Facebook Ads is playing the Long Game with Facebook marketing.  Those who are focussing on the short play of Conversion ads and just wanting to sell products rather than build relationships with their audience are the once who will be left behind in the ever changing world of Facebook Ads.


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