Facebook Ad Strategies To Build Your List And Make Sales

Creating your Facebook advertising and digital marketing strategy can be

Jody Milward

Creating your Facebook advertising and digital marketing strategy can be extremely overwhelming when you don’t have the right tools. Are you feeling lost on marketing strategies for small businesses? Do you want to know how to advertise your business? Even better, what if you had the roadmap for Facebook Ad strategies to build your list and make sales? 

Jody Milward offers dynamic support, mentoring and training for women who want to make 6 figures a year by using Facebook Ads the right way. If you are on the hunt for marketing tips or secrets on how to increase sales, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore the Facebook Ad strategies you need to build your list and increase sales.

Strategy 1: Embrace Content Marketing

In today’s business space, a digital presence is largely based on the conversation that a company or brand develops with their audience or clients. Storytelling and thought leadership can have a massive impact on the efficacy and reach of your Facebook advertising. When you use your Facebook Ads to address pain points that your warm leads are experiencing, you gain their loyalty and commitment.

Encourage engagement by establishing your voice as an expert, and then once they have engaged further, you can invite and encourage more followership and grow your mailing list and sales conversion. Create a blend of direct and passive conversation touchpoints to expand the brand voice and invite your audience to opt-in on your mailing list with engaging and thought-provoking content. Amplify the content you create to reach even more of your ideal clients with the Client Attraction Code. 

Strategy 2: Make The Best Of The Platform

Make sure that you are utilising everything that Facebook advertising has to offer by ensuring that you:

  • Personalise ads by targeting specific audiences ‒ be as precise as you can be!
  • Create and use the Custom Audiences features ‒ focus on previous site visitors or even an imported list for like-minded audiences.
  • Use mobile ads and ensure that your landing pages are mobile optimised.

Reach out for even more platform-specific advice!

Strategy 3: Use Leads Ads To Build Your Mailing List

You know you have a strong marketing strategy when you have the right balance within tools such as lead magnets supported by strategies that effectively convert and engage your prospects into the sales funnel journey. Lead magnets offer a great range of engagement, from ebooks to videos and even cheat sheets that get the audience buzzing for more. Offer your audience amazing value and grow your mailing list by using a ‘subscribe to access’ model. This also means retaining contact with your audience regardless of Facebook’s algorithms.

Support From An Expert

If you want to learn how to create engaging, cost-effective and profitable Facebook Marketing strategies for your business to build your list and make sales, ADvisory by Social Charlie is the program you need to help you confidently create and launch Facebook Ads. 


I love to share practical information to help you improve your skills, learn something new or help you avoid the mistakes that many Ad Managers and I have made to help fast-track you on your journey as a well-paid and in-demand Ad Manager.