Episode 105: Show your client you’re smarter than a Meta Marketing Expert

Key Highlights [00:01:18] The one thing you should always do

Jody Milward

Key Highlights

[00:01:18] The one thing you should always do before signing a new client

[00:01:34] The common ad mistake Meta Marketing experts tell your clients

[00:02:20] What your clients needs to know about Traffic campaign

[00:03:13] Why it’s important to optimize for the right action

[00:04:55] One of the only times you will optimize for link clicks


How you can show your client you are smarter than a Meta marketing expert. That’s what we’re talking about today in this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business. 

So, if you’ve got a client and a Meta marketing expert has [00:00:30] reached out to them and they’ve got together and had a meeting, it could cause strife for you.

The Meta marketing experts often, very often end up giving our clients advice that we actually don’t recommend. However, because they’re an expert they tell your client something and then all of a sudden your client comes running over to you wondering what on earth you’ve been doing and what’s going on, and why aren’t we running these campaigns?

It causes a bit of angst for a lot of ad managers. There is [00:01:00] one thing that these Meta marketing experts always do, and I came across it recently in one of our Elite Ad Manager calls with one of our members. 

Their client had jumped on a call with a Meta marketing expert, and I knew exactly what was going to happen when we dove in.

So this is something that if your client’s running it and then you’re able to explain to them what’s going on, it’s going to elevate you and your authority. They’re going to appreciate your expertise even more. 

If you’re getting on a call [00:01:30] with a potential client and you’re having a look under the hood, like I always recommend, don’t sign a client if you haven’t looked under the bonnet.

You need to have a look in their ad account and see exactly what’s going on and what you are in for before you sign somebody up. 

So a potential client even who’s been on a call with Meta marketing experts and they’ve tried a few things, if you can point out this one thing to them, they will think you are the smartest ad manager on Earth and they will want to give you their credit card straight away and sign up to work with you.

[00:02:00] Because you are smarter than the Meta marketing experts. 

Now what is it that they always do?

What is the right action to optimize Traffic campaigns for?

Every time they do it, they’ll run the traffic campaign, which is yeah, sure fine. Traffic campaigns, they’re okay. There are times when you want to use traffic campaigns, like when you just want to send people over to a website. But one, if you want people to convert you need to run a conversion campaign.

Yes, there are times where the budget may be small, $5 a day, $10 a day, it’s going to hurt. You’re really not going to get [00:02:30] conversions very well there. So you might say, okay, let’s run a traffic campaign and just get traffic there and see who converts. Well, typically, yes, you will get traffic there. People will go over there, but they won’t convert.

You’ll get hundreds and hundreds of people and they won’t convert so you’ll end up thinking your landing page is really, really bad because you’re not getting conversions on it. 

Whereas, if you were to run a conversion campaign that’s optimized for conversion events, [00:03:00] then it will likely convert.

You will see that it might convert at 20%. So it may be great. If it’s a sales page for a low ticket offer, it might convert at 3% or 5%, which is fantastic, but sending traffic to it, that’s traffic who are not likely to convert, they’re likely to just go to the page and look at it, that will completely throw out your numbers.

So one thing Facebook will say is, do a traffic campaign. Because they don’t care. They just want you to see people going to your site and you’re going, ‘Yay! I’m getting action. [00:03:30] People are going to my site’. But another thing you need to look at is, how many people are getting to the landing page.

And this is the thing with traffic campaigns and with Meta marketing experts all the time. They’ll tell you to do a traffic campaign, but then the ad set will be optimized for link clicks. Every time! 

So that’s exactly what happened to one of our members this week. There was a traffic campaign running and I said, okay, let’s go have a look at it. 

[00:04:00] So when you actually then pull in your columns, I always like to look at the performance and click columns. If you incorporate in the landing page view, you will see a huge drop off between link clicks and landing page views. So you might be saying, ‘All right! We’re getting 12 cent clicks!’

But when you actually look at how many people get to the landing page, the landing page user may be more like 24 cents because you’ve lost half the traffic! Facebook is sending the ad to [00:04:30] people who are likely to just click the link, not so likely to actually land on your page. If you’re doing a traffic campaign for whatever reason, you want to make sure that they’re actually getting to the page.

You want it to go to the audience who is likely to click and wait for the page to load. So with a traffic campaign at the adset level, you need to go down and select the optimization. You change it from link clicks to landing page views. That way, instead of having a 50% drop [00:05:00] off, it might just be 30%. Okay. 

When would you choose a link click campaign?

I know it seems the craziest thing ever, but times when you may do it is if you’re doing ads for a podcast and therefore it’s over on Apple, it’s on iTunes and you can’t track it. You wouldn’t be able to see who’s landing on the landing page, and then Facebook would be, ‘Oh, I don’t think anyone’s landing here. Oh, this is no good. Nobody wants to land on the page’. 

So that could be a time when you would just select link clicks. 

[00:05:30] But if it’s ever going to your website where it’s all pixeled, or you can pixel it, then a traffic campaign that is optimized for landing page views. So at least people are clicking, they’re getting to that landing page and then you can be retargeting people who will watch that landing page. 

Now, a word on that, like I said, with a traffic campaign, you’ll get lots of traffic there. They’ll just come over and come over and come over. So you’ll need to have a really strong retargeting game because like I said, these are traffic people.

[00:06:00] They’re not conversion people. So a strong retargeting game that’s going to get them back and get them to convert. 

Value your knowledge and authority

So if you want to stand out as a superhero to your client or potential client, if they’ve ever been on a call with a Meta marketing expert, you’ll be able to go in and have a look at a traffic campaign.

You’ll be able to go down at the adset level down to the optimization and say, link clicks. And that’s when you go, 

‘Oh, no. Yep. Meta. They do [00:06:30] this all the time. Let’s have a look at your landing pages. I can see you’ve got a great click through percent. You’ve got a great cost per click. But let’s have a look at the landing page views. Let’s just pull that in’. 

Bring it in, and the cost per landing page views. 

‘Yeah, look, you’ve lost half your traffic. So instead of that $0.30 landing page view, with that link click, it’s now a $0.60 landing page view, and they’ll go, ‘What? Why would they do that? That’s so stupid. I’ve lost half my traffic! These people [00:07:00] aren’t even getting the website!’ 

Your authority status is right up here, and they will trust you. You are showing them that you are an authority, you are an expert in the space, and you’ll be earning their trust, which is so important when you’re running ads for clients and managing their ad budget and partnering with them to grow their business.

So, have you ever had an issue with a Meta marketing expert? I’d love to know. 

Comment here. Let me know if you’ve got a story. We could all sympathize with you. Any other [00:07:30] questions, send us an email at, and for other Facebook tips and running ads for clients, just follow along.


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