Three Things You Need to Know to Increase Your Visibility and Go From Unknown to AUTHORITY With Facebook™️

Have you been staring at that LIVE button on your

Jody Milward

Have you been staring at that LIVE button on your Facebook Page for what feels like forever, knowing you ought to start using Live video in your marketing strategy, but you just keep putting it off week after week?

Well, today I’m going to give you three reasons why you need to go Live on your Facebook Page so you can increase your visibility and attract your ideal clients. You see, there’s people that need to know you, that need to hear your message and need to come to you for your help to overcome the situation they’ve been battling with for so long.

There is no secret that Facebook loves Live video and is pushing it out to the newsfeed and notifying people when a page they Like goes live. There are a number of ways you can go Live – either directly through Facebook on desktop of via the App on your phone, or a third party tool like

One important aspect of going Live on Facebook is to let people know that you will be going Live – which when using, you can schedule your Live which will then post the video to your page with an option for people to get a reminder for when you go Live. You can also copy the URL for the live and email you list so they can join you at the right time. You can also then share the post to other pages or groups that you own.

Another strategy to increase viewers for your live event is to incorporate a Messenger Bot – but that’s a lesson for another time 😉

A little while ago I was talking to someone who had bought some TV air time. They had access to a studio for a couple of hours and would go Live to air to 30 minutes or an hour and to do this required a significant chunk of cash. While there’s no doubt TV is a powerful medium, it has major limitations. Can you control how many people will see your Show? Are they really your ideal client? What about after the show – how can you stay front and center of mind with those who did watch? If you ask me, this is a one and done marketing strategy that gives you no opportunity to build a relationship with your audience.

If you have a smartphone, you have a TV station in your hand and let me tell you, it is much more powerful than the the traditional TV. You can broadcast for free as often as you want. Invest from just $1 a day to continue to promote your broadcast to your IDEAL target audience and then capture that audience whether they’ve watched 3 seconds or 100% of your broadcast and deliver your next piece of content to them. If your audience doesn’t engage with one of your broadcasts – no biggie – you haven’t spent thousands figuring it out!

To really hit home the importance of going Live on Facebook, as opposed to just uploading a video, is that Live Broadcasts get three times more viewing numbers. People are 10 times more likely to engage with a Live broadcast, than an uploaded video and watch longer. This engagement tells Facebook that people like the video and so it continues to distribute your Live long after your ended the broadcast.

Also, there’s something about a Live broadcast that helps to accelerate the relationship between you and your audience. It’s raw. It’s real. It gives glimpses of the real you – not the staged, produced and perfected persona. We see your mannerisms, hear the inflections in your voice, so that when we read your emails, blog posts or static posts, we hear your voice in our head. We see your face in our mind’s eye. Connection is made and rapport is getting built in ways that just aren’t possible with static image posts. When you go live, your ideal client is getting to know more about you and you are earning their trust.

So if you have a message that you want to get out to the world, to go from unknown to the authority in your niche, you need to broadcast Live on Facebook. If you have been nervous about it, there are some ways that you can start getting familiar with it.

The first way is just to get out your personal TV Studio… your smartphone… and start practicing by recording video of yourself talking to the camera. Practice, watch the recordings and give yourself constructive criticism on how you can improve. Don’t be too harsh or critical on yourself.

Then when you’re ready to start broadcasting Live, there is the feature that allows you just just broadcast to yourself – this is on your Personal Profile. You can select your audience to be “Only Me”. This feature not available on your Business Page, so if you want a couple of practice runs to see what actually happens when you tap the Live button, this is how you do it. Otherwise, be sure to go Live on your Business Page – so you can capture the viewing audience as mentioned above. So this is a good way to test your wifi and to discover any areas where your connection drops out – because trust me… it’s no fun when you’re Live to the world and your internet breaks!

Maybe another reason you’ve been stalling on going Live is that you’re afraid of going Live and you get zero viewers. Let me reassure you – that will happen. The typical length of live viewing is around 30 seconds or a minute. People will pop in and pop out – and that’s OK, your audience will continue to build long after you’ve ended the broadcast. So don’t be afraid of low viewing numbers.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, be sure to broadcast Live from your Business Page. Now I know a lot of people go live from their Personal Profile because that’s where they get more engagement. They don’t get any engagement on their Business Page. Now, while you can use your personal profile now and then, it’s very important to do your promotions from your Business Page. One reason being that it is actually against Facebook Terms to promote your business on your Facebook Profile (yes, I know everybody does it, but it IS specified in FB Terms not to) and secondly, by broadcasting Live on your Business Page you can build an audience of people who have viewed your videos that you can then retarget to continue the customer journey.

Now I know boosted posts have had a lot of negative feedback over the years, but the features have improved greatly over the years. After you have ended your broadcast, you can just hit the boost button on your phone. If you have custom audiences already created, then you can select these audiences to boost your Live video to. If not, there is still a number of targeting options you can select. Investing at least $1 a day you can start building a targeted audience to be seen and known by your ideal client.

So here’s a Ninja Facebook Hack for you to increase the percentage watched of your Broadcast. After you have Boosted your post (or created an Ad in Ads Manager if you prefer) go into ads manager and to the ad set level. Then go to the ‘edit placements’ section and make sure that Suggested Videos is selected. This placement typically sees a 3x increase in percentage of video watched. This is a very high intent audience – they watch nearly all of your video – they are engaged. They’re interested in your message. They want to know what you have to say.

Then that comes into our third point of getting from unknown to authority with facebook is retargeting.

While people want to get on TV or get in the media, there is no way for them to know who saw the tv show or read your article in the media. But with Facebook, when people have watched your video, you can get back in front of them – it’s incredibly powerful. You can create videos or a retargeting audience of people who have watched 3 seconds of your video or 10 seconds of your video, but obviously that higher intent audience, those people that have watched 25 to 95 percent of your video is a really your warm audience that you’re wanting to take on the next stage of your customer journey.

To get more visible on Facebook, to go from being unknown to an authority in your niche you need to be visible and newsfeeds are so busy these days those static images for sponsored posts just don’t stand out. When you go live Facebook loves it and rewards you with more reach which opens the opportunities for engagement, comments and shares, which again, increases organic reach.

Then promote it further by investing in some ad spend and retarget your viewing audience. It is such a powerful strategy that doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Like I said, you can Boost your broadcast starting at a dollar a day. You can invest $10 or $30 a day – it’s up to you – how aggressive you want to be about it. But it’s such a powerful way to connect with your potiential clients. You get into their head so that when they read your words they hear your voice and see your face. It is so powerful to help you stand out, to get noticed and to draw in your ideal clients these days on social media.


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