Three Reasons Why High Ticket Coaches Should Not DIY Their Facebook Ads

3 Reasons why high-ticket coaches should not DIY their Facebook

Jody Milward

3 Reasons why high-ticket coaches should not DIY their Facebook Ads (and what to do instead)

If you’re a high-ticket coach, you really shouldn’t DIY your own Facebook Ads. Surprising, I know, but I’ve got three solid reasons why.

Now, I get it. I talk to a lot of coaches who say, “Oh, I just want to learn a bit about how they work.” Or, “I just want to get to understand them.” And that’s fine. It’s good to have a baseline understanding of what’s going on, after all.

However, if you’re trying to scale your business and see significant growth, now is not the time to learn the ins and outs of the Ads Manager and all the different metrics in there. In fact, it can be a complete waste of your time. I recommend you do something else, and here’s why.

1. The methods you’ll learn are probably outdated

Any training you’ve purchased is likely to be outdated at this point. The Facebook advertising platform is constantly shifting, and what worked two years, a year, even six months ago, will not work today. If you bought or invested into a significant coaching program previously, chances are that you aren’t getting the most up-to-date strategies.

In fact, you’re probably being taught strategies that worked really well a couple of years ago, in the heyday of high-ticket coaching funnels and any other funnel that involved a webinar. Registrations came cheap and sales converted like crazy.

Today, though, the audience is a lot more savvy. They’ve seen all the webinar ads. They’ve seen all the static images promoting a free training, and they all know there will be a pitch at the end. So, these strategies that are teaching you to do cold traffic to webinar, and to skip the part where you build an audience, are flat out wrong.

2. Your time is too valuable

There’s a difference between the boot-strapping entrepreneur who must do everything alone to keep costs down, and the established high-ticket coach whose time has real value.

I challenge you to recognize what your time is worth. Because every minute you aren’t spending effectively generating leads and serving the clients you already have is time wasted and revenue left on the table.

What is your hourly rate? Will spending hours loading up campaigns, getting frustrated, maneuvering glitches, finding work-arounds, and then trying to interpret the results be worth the cost of your hourly rate? If you’re a high-ticket coach, the answer most likely is no. It makes more sense to hire an expert (at a cost lower than you would otherwise be earning) and go back to what you do best.

3. Your clients are waiting

When you are off learning the Ads Manager and trying to sort it all out, who will be serving your clients with excellence? Who will be writing the content and developing the programs that meet their needs?

If you are trying to all of a sudden become a Facebook Ads ninja, that’s taking you away from your zone of genius. It’s blocking you from being able to serve your clients, and it’s preventing your audience from finding you as well. At this point in your career, it’s your job to be present and available… and you can’t do that if you’re buried in the Ads Manager.

How to do Facebook Ads the right way

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Facebook Ads. If Facebook Ads are an essential part of your plans to build your revenue, then it’s best to hand the task off to a specialist. In doing so, you allow yourself the freedom to work in your zone of genius, save yourself time and mental energy, and provide someone else the chance to work in their own zone of genius as well.

It’s true that Facebook Ads can be incredibly effective for building yourself an audience. After all, it’s your audience — and not the cold traffic — that are most likely to convert. Your audience is the people who already know, like, and trust you. You are the one they want to hear when they book a call, and they know you are the person to help them overcome the problem they’ve been trying to overcome for, maybe, years.

You can certainly build an audience using Facebook, but it’s only the beginning — the pre-targeting. Your primary task should be building your audience and keeping it warm, so that when you do invite them to your next offer (whether it’s a training, a free download, or something else), they will be ready to join you.

Facebook Ads have a place in the equation, but if you’re a high-ticket coach looking to scale, you shouldn’t be the one setting them up. Leave that to an expert, and focus on showing up with excellence for your clients.


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