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How To Convert Discovery Call Leads to Actual Sales

Are you tired of being on discovery calls all day, every day and they go for an hour and you don't have any sales or new clients to show for it? Well, listen up because that's what we're going to be talking about today. In this installment of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes of Secret Ad Manager Business.

So you're out there, you're networking, you're in groups, you're getting leads and people are booking calls with you and you're getting on calls. Fabulous! That's great. But these discovery calls can go on for an hour and you go on about teaching mode. You look at this, you look at that. You even look in their ad account, but you're not getting the sales from them. And it's just not a good use of your time. So what do you do?

And it's also not that advantageous for your client as well. So how can you turn that all around? How can you turn those discovery calls that go on forever into a 20 minute call and make a sale from the end of it? That's what we're digging into now as an ad manager, you do not just want to get on a call with a client and then pitch them your price and say, yeah, we can run ads for you with this price. That's like danger Will Robinson, because you just don't know what you're going to get in for. You're going to get in the ad account and you going to go, oh my gosh, this is missing things and things have been disabled. There's no pixels. And you'll be in all sorts of strife. So here's five things that you can do. Five offers you can pitch to your clients so that one you can get paid for these discovery calls. And then also for the work and the research that you'd normally would have to do anyway, before taking the client on board, how it benefits your client and how it benefits you as well.

So first of all, when it comes to these discovery calls, so many of us are booking in like a 45 minute call. I don't know why, maybe just because we're told that in the coaching niche. That's fine. They can do that. They don't have to go in and look at ad accounts and such, right? They just need to hear the story, go through their script and pitch them. When it comes to running ads for clients, we need more information. We need to see under the hood what's been going on in the ad account, what assets they have, what funnels they have in place. So being on a 45 minute call can just extend that out.

And I know people get on the call and they're on there for like 90 minutes. One of the things we teach our elite ad managers in my certification program is to start off with a 20 minute call. Okay? And that 20 minute call you get on with your client is where you hear what their pain points are, where they're at, what they have attempted already and where they're needing help. From there, you can make one of these five offers depending on where they are at.

Now, number one, if they have never run ads before, the first thing that you could provide to them, that's going to be a great benefit for them, rather than getting on more calls with more ad managers saying they need to run ads is a strategy session. If they've never run ads before they need a plan in place so that they are ready for traffic when they get their ad manager on board. So if they've gone through say, yes, we have all this, or I've got a bit of a webpage, I've got this other thing, I've never run ads before. You say, you're great. What we could do is get on a strategy session call. And what we'll do on that call is we'll be able to go through and identify what assets that you have in place, where you had been getting traffic from already, all those products and offers that you have so that we can get a plan together. Make sure you're ready for Facebook ads before you even hire a Facebook ad manager.

And so, you know exactly what needs to be done so you can hit the ground running. So we can book in one of these strategy sessions for you. It's 90 minutes and that would cost you just $197! Bargain! That is going to save them so much time, and 197 that's on the cheap end guys. You can charge a thousand dollars for these strategy sessions or even $2,000 for these strategy sessions. Depends on what your expertise level and your skill level is at. If you are newer, then you're going to be pricing your service a bit lower so that you can get this experience, get some case studies, get some testimonials and increase your prices as you go. So that's the first thing you can offer. If they've never run ads before you can offer them a strategy session.

Another thing that you can offer them, if they've never run ads before, or if that doesn't have a particularly big ad budget could be my $10 a day client attraction code. That's perfect. If they're just wanting to start building an audience, if they're just wanting to be visible to their ideal clients, you can set up an ad campaigns for them using just $10 a day. With this strategy that I have that, it involves videos and engagement campaigns, video view campaigns, and an extensive retargeting strategy to draw in the audience, build them up and then offer to convert for them. So with the $10 a day client attraction code, your potential client doesn't even need a website. You're keeping them right there on Facebook.

So if they are getting assets built, funnels built, et cetera, you can already be building up that audience for them so that when that funnel is ready to get launched, they have an audience that they can run ads to. So the $10 day client attraction code is something else that you can offer to your clients. That can be $200 to get that set up $500 to get that set up, whatever is sitting comfortable for you and your level of expertise.

How to run facebook ads for clients

The third thing that you can offer is an audit. So if they have been running Facebook ads and they've had all sorts of issues, maybe previous ad managers have been running or maybe they've been running it themselves. That's where audit is going to be super valuable. You're going to want to do that anyway, before you sign up a client. So you know what you're getting yourself, self-imposed right. You can see if pixels are all screwy or if audience targeting has been a mess or things have been shut down. And there's a ton of disabled ads in there and their funnels are all crossed all over the place. So doing an ad account audit, super valuable for your client to see what has gone wrong in the past, where opportunities have been missed, also super valuable for you before to know what you're getting in for. And so perhaps you will go, I do not want this person as a client and you can give them, this is what needs to be done, and they can get a whole roadmap of where to go from here. Or you can see that. Yep, I would love to work with this person. There's a lot of opportunities missed and I know it can absolutely crush it for them. So again, offering an audit at the end of a 20 minute call, then you could be pricing that at again, 197, 500, a thousand, $2,000 for an audit, depending on your skills and expertise level.

So we've looked at strategy sessions, the $10 a day, client attraction code, and number three audits. What else you can offer is if they're not ready for ads, if they do not have the budget for someone to run their ads, you can offer them some coaching. Okay. That is the beauty of being an ads manager and having this knowledge in your head that you can provide it as a done for you service, but then for the people who are not ready for that, you can just offer coaching. So 20 minute call and it's discerned that they're not in a position to pay to run their Facebook ads, but I can still help you by providing you with my time and coaching you through how to set this all up. So you can say, at the end of that 20 minute call, you might go, okay, great. I hear where you're coming from here at this stage. You're not quite ready to have me onboard and running your ads yet, but how I can help you get to that stage is to offer you some one-on-one coaching sessions. So we can organize just a one-off two hour call, or I do have some packages of four hours for the month and we can get started with that for just $500.

So coaching is another great thing that you can be able to do for your clients so that you can get them to that stage where they're learning more about Facebook ads, they're digging in, they're getting results. And then when they're ready for an ad manager, you are the person that they go to.

And the fifth way that you can close the deal at the end of the discovery call is for consulting as well. So if you're working with a client who may be a bit bigger who has someone else on their team who is running their Facebook ads, you can come in and be a consultant to them. So you can actually go a bit more beyond Facebook ads. If you do have that expertise, which I train my elite ad managers to have a great knowledge of funnels as well, so that you can come in just working with their team that you're providing your insights and your expertise to them so that they can do their job better. So consulting services is another great way as an ad manager that you can bring in an extra stream of revenue other than just on fee services.

So I hope that's inspired you today to not just open up your calendar and take on anybody for a 45 minute discovery call. Look at condensing that back to a 20 minute discovery call, seeing where they're at, where their pain points are and how you can serve them straight away by offering a strategy session or an audit, the $10 a day client attraction code, coaching, or consulting services.

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