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3 things I’ve learnt in generating over $2 million dollars with Online Courses

Now, you probably think to make over $2 Million in Revenue selling online courses, my clients are big-gun online marketers….

Let me just tell you now, they are not.  You don't have to be a big guru with a huge marketing budget. One of the keys to having a profitable online program is to start where you are with what you've got.


By implementing the 3 strategies below and consistently put in the time and effort, you too have the potential to make a very generous living selling your online program to a global audience.   We're in a happy, happy place in time right now with technology that is available to us.


Pro-tip #1: Facebook Ads

One of the keys I've learned for my clients creating $2 million in revenue with their courses is to know how to produce converting Facebook ads. Facebook are an ATM Machine (yes I know that means Automatic Teller Machine Machine – but that's what we say right!).

My clients have generated these sort of sales just using Facebook ads. That's the kind of results you can get when they are done right. When they're done wrong, well that’s when people say, “This doesn't work, I give up!” My advice to you is: don't give up!  Keep testing and trying!

Where many people fail with Facebook ads, is that they don't know their audience.  This is ESSENTIAL to your business – full stop!  You need to know your audience.  And when you do, and you do your data mining in Facebook, then you're on track for some sweeeeeeet, low cost, high converting Facebook ads that bring in sales.   You need the right audience – which you have because you've done your research on Facebook, you know where they're hanging out and you target your ads to them.


Another part of successful Facebook ads is the right message. You got the right audience, and then you need to have the right message that's going to be speaking to them. So that your Facebook ads are resonating to them, it's identifying the problems, it's identifying solutions for their problems and it's striking a chord with your potential students. The right audience and the right message are two of the KEYS for successful Facebook ads.

Pro-tip #2: The “Landing Page”

Now, when you're investing in Facebook ads you're going to be sending the people who ‘click' on your add to another web asset (like your website_ to take further action.  In the case of online programs, a very effective strategy is to send traffic to a Landing Page.  This is a page specifically designed to offer the potential student a sliver of information from your online program that want to know – therefore give you their email address in return for that information.  You don’t want to be sending them straight to your homepage, you don’t want to be sending them to some sort of random page where there are multiple things to click on and take their focus away from the action you want them to take.  Also your landing page needs to reflect the ad they clicked on that sent them there.

It's like you've got on a plane to Thailand.  When you arrive, you expect to see Thai writing on the wall when you get there.   If you get off the plane and see Swahili written all over the wall you're going to turn around, get back on the plane and go talk to the captain!   That's the same sense of expectation we want with our Facebook Ads to our Landing Page.  It's got to have the same ‘ad-scent’. When people look at your ads and click the link on your ad, they need to go to the page that reflects your ad. It's got to have the same sort of image, it's got to have the same headline, it's got to compliment what's being said on the ad so that when they get there it is a natural progression. The ads pique their interest and the landing page is where they're thinking, “Yep, I just want this information.”

So you need a landing page that compliments your ad with one call to action. You've got to be precise and you've got to be clear, that's why you don't want to send people to a home page or another page that's got all widgets and banners down the side, or ads and banners all over the top (unless you're sending your audience to a blog post  – like this 🙂 ).  Your potential students are thinking, “What do I do? I don't know what to do, I'm outta here” and they bounce off your site and back to Facebook. So have a clear call to action – clear and concise. You can just copy the headline over from your ad, copy the image over from your ad, and then just have a couple of bullet points.

Another thing to keep in mind, is millions of people only ever access Facebook on their mobile device, so make sure your website is mobile friendly.  

That's why we keep it short, and when they have gone over to the landing page on the mobile, there's not a lot of scrolling, not a lot of things to look at, it's right there in front of them. ‘Tap, here's my email address, give me the information”. That's the next part, the third part that is a key for profitable online course, is the follow up series because really, the percentage of people that come over to your site and are ready to buy for the first time is really, really low, like 1%.  People that don't know you from a bar of soap generally aren't really ready to pull out their wallet and spend $500 or $1000 on a product.

Pro-tip #3

One of my clients generated $350,000 in sales in just seven weeks, selling a $997 info product. Not bad numbers hey? Now, do you think all of those sales came from straight off the bat on the first visit or direct from their webinar? No.  This is where Email Marketing comes into the equation.   

Your email campaigns are where so many of your sales are going to be coming from because emails provide you with an opportunity to build up a relationship with your potential students.  They'll sign up for something that piques their interest – ‘Okay, great, you've got some information that can help me solve this problem, I want to know more about it!’  So they sign up and but there’s a voice in their head saying, “Okay, so why should I trust you? Why should I invest my money into you? Why should I listen to you?”

That is where your Email series can help provide value (even though I'm really disliking that term at the moment. Everybody is out and they're saying, “Provide value, provide value” and lot of people are saying, “Well what is value? How do I provide value? Break it down for me.”) Providing value is giving them information that's going to help them solve a problem or achieve a solution to their problem. That's one of the ways that you can provide value.

Again, it's knowing your potential students, that through your email series you can speak into them.  That's where you're bringing information to help them, establishing a relationship, building the know, like and trust factor. It's such an important part of a profitable online program.

From there it's a natural progression.  People will start to see you as an authority, they will start to respect, they will start to trust you. Then, when you offer them a solution with your paid course, they're more likely to say, “I’m in!”.   You've given them a free offer from the landing page and then you've developed that relationship, and your authority through your email marketing.

From there, that's when sales will generate and really kick off and you will be building up a tribe of ambassadors who know you and love your program and then when you have another program to release, they're the first in line to get it from you. They’re raving to their friends about the difference that your course has made in their life.

So that is the three keys that I've been using, continually learning and tweaking to achieve over $2 million in sales with my clients and their online programs. Yes, Facebook ads are powerful! No doubt about it! But, before you invest into them, you need to have your landing page set up, you need to have your email series in order.  Otherwise if you're just doing the Facebook ads without these other pieces in place, you're not going to get such effective sales coming from them. It's part of that system.  You need a system in place to be able to promote your online course.

I do actually have a free infographic that helps map it all out for you. You can go to…  

…to get your copy to download.  That's going to help you get a visual like, “Okay, so these are the steps I need to do to create a Facebook Sales Funnel.” From there that is the foundation to putting this all together to get your online sales system working like a machine for your online courses.

Click here and grab that free flowchart to help you get that visual, and map it all out, and then think of how can this apply to your business, where can you improve it? Improve your landing pages, improve your email marketing, and from there, finding your audience, getting your message to your audience, honing in on where they are and what are their pain points. That's when you're going to start to see awesome results from your marketing efforts for your online programs.

I’d love to chat with you LIVE on my Facebook Page when in bring you some of the latest tips to help you build your business and sell your online courses.  Click here to Like my page & get notified when I go LIVE!


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Get Your Sales Funnel Up and Running in Four Steps

Sales funnels…Ahhh!!

They can be so confusing for so many people. They start to create a funnel and before they know it they're drowning – trying to figure it all out and forgetting about what they do best which is getting their information out and finding students and teaching people.

Sales funnels are something that can be scaled up and systemized as your business grows.

I want to show talk to you about a system today, that you can start now if you're just starting out or if you're already making some good money with your online program or service. Now, this is the same system that people who are selling online courses that are getting six, seven figure incomes, even eight-figure incomes, use as a foundation for their sales funnels. It's a beautiful thing!

You're not restricted by where you are in your business with sales funnels.

Isn't that awesome? You can play the same game that the big boys are playing. Set it up now, automate it and tweak it as your business grows.

Let’s talk about the steps needed to get your sales funnel up and running. Grab a pen and paper and jot these down…

First step is your domain which you may already have.  I’ll just explain a little for those who don’t…  For me, my domain is Your domain and your website are super important things. How you set them up in your funnel is crucial as well. What I actually recommend is using WordPress as your blog, because that's great for putting your content up, putting your knowledge out there every week or so, getting your message out, and it's got great SEO capabilities which helps to draw in free traffic to your website (and we all say “yay!”)

A lot of people might say, “Oh, I'm looking at using Squarespace or Wix for my website,” Those formats template your whole sit and reduce your SEO which again, is  why I say WordPress for your SEO and for your blogging.

Second step –  we're going to be creating a landing page with ClickFunnels.  I do love Clickfunnels because it’s so much more than just a landing page.  You can create landing pages, resource pages, shopping cart, payment processor, even delivery for your lead magnets, which makes it so streamlined. That's just a heap of less tools and programs that you need to worry about. You can just keep focusing on getting your content out, finding potential students, and turning them into paying students.

Your landing page is going to have a fabulous offer your potential student can’t resist – so they will give you their email address in return for your information.  This is what we call a “Lead Magnet”

Now, since you have your potential student’s email… guess what???

Yes – you email them!

Your emails are a really important part of your funnel, so you're going to want a really credible email provider that's going to be able to grow with your business. For this I recommend ActiveCampaign. They have excellent tagging capabilities and the base price is about what you’d pay for Mailchimp (which can’t do all that Active Campaign can)

Okay, so to build our Sales Funnel (our system to get potential students and turn them into paying students)  we start with our domains, we then have  our landing page and on our Landing page we have our lead magnet, which we give in exchange for their email, which we start to build trust with our potential students via emails.

Once we've got all those things set up and in place, then we go over and connect it all with our Facebook page.

I know a lot of people are out there trying to promote their business on Facebook. It can take a little work. It takes a lot of work doing all those social posts and interacting with people and such. A lot of people get tired before they start seeing any great results. That could also be because they haven't set up the sales funnel in place, they haven't got their lead magnets together, and they haven't got this whole system streamlined and working for them.

Once you've got your lead magnet, your landing pages, your email delivery all in place, that's when you hook it up to your Facebook page and that, that, my friends, is when you really see funnels working for you. That's when you can start driving traffic from Facebook's highly engaged audiences, highly targeted audiences, straight to your lead magnet so you can turn potential students into paying students. That's what we want. People who are hungry and wanting to learn from you. That's when we start getting the profits coming in.

What I do now is I help online course creators get their message heard. I create their sales funnels and emails and Facebook ads and such. I've been doing that for years now. I know how to put it all together, all the key pieces that you need right now to get your message heard, to start promoting your course, to be getting in those potential students. I have all this information which I'm wanting to get out to you because that's what I'm passionate about. I want to help you get your message heard, to get your course out there that can transform not just your life, not just your family's life, but all your students and their families and their friends. The impact that you can have by getting your course out there, just by getting a simple sales funnel together, is massive. It's massive. That's what I want to do. I want to help you get that all together.

I've got a infographic of what I've just gone through with the steps in the funnel because so many of us who are creative, like to see a visual, don't we? I've put that together for you in an awesome infographic for you to download, print off, refer to it as you plan your first funnel.  Here’s your link:

>> <<

 Once you’re able to see it, you’ll see a Sales Funnel doesn’t have to be overwhelming at all.

There's just a few hurdles that, if you haven't done it before, can be overwhelming, but I've also got a solution to help you get through that as well.

I hope that you're inspired, that you think, “Okay, a sales funnel. I'm not quite sure what that is, but I'll have a look and I'll give it a go.” If you give it a go then you are on track to creating a product and a program and a lifestyle that you love.

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How To Design & Create A High Converting Sales Funnel For Your Online Courses Even If You Have No Tech Skills

Hi. If you're an online course creator and you're overwhelmed at all the tech side of
promoting your course or how to get your message out there, or how to get people to
buy from you, then this is what you're going to want to learn today.

People get a bit overwhelmed and tend to run in the opposite direction when we talk
sales funnels, but that's what we're going to be talking about today, right?

What I want to do is to help reduce the overwhelm for you when it comes to sales funnels.

Some people don't like that word. They go “Sales funnels, that's not very relational. Oh!”

You're in business, you're in business to make sales. Where the relationship comes in
with people who will be your students one day, we hope, is through the
sales funnel.

What the sales funnel do is that actually is an avenue to build that know, like and trust
factor, because at the moment, you've got this great program, this great course that
nobody may know about or a very few people know about, and you need to get it at

Let's Talk About Lead Magnets

They need to know about you. That's the first step in the funnel, is getting them
to know you.

There's a few aspects to a funnel, and that first tip are lead magnets. A lead magnet is
where you provide something of great value to your potential student that
they're going to want.

They're going to give you their e-mail address in exchange for this information. I
don't know if you've got the new Facebook page layout. That's just been
released globally. It's been out in a few countries for a little while, but
globally it's just really kicked off.

Facebook, finally enough, as it does, has changed things up again. Now, our Facebook
pages are allocated in the tabs. There'll be a tab there for videos, a tab for posts, and
such. It's not just scrolling of who.

Again, that just highlights the importance of getting people's e-mail addresses, because
Facebook could do anything to your page at any time.

It could even go missing.

It could be deleted.

You need to get people's e-mail addresses, and that's the first step in the
funnel where people get to know you and they provide their e-mail address in
exchange for a great piece of information that they're looking for.

Ideally, the lead magnet, people also go, “How do I create a lead magnet? What would a
lead magnet be? What would I do?”

A great pro tip when it comes to lead magnets is that it's aligned with your core

Say, you do CrossFit, and you've got a program about CrossFit Training, the actual
physical exercises. Don't make your lead magnet about diet, because you're talking
about diet, and then in your core offer you're talking about physical exercises.

Keep your lead magnet consistent and have it splinted down from your core offer that it's
going to be talking about exercises as well.

Keep it consistent to the program that you want to be selling to your
students. That's where we start. That's where people get to know you, and that
starts building the relationship, it starts building the trust.

Once you've got their e-mail, you deliver them that lead magnet that's got the great information that's
going to help them transform their life just that little bit. Overcome a burden or whatever it is
that's keeping them awake at night or a problem that they want to solve.

You're giving them that information and they're going, “Wow! I love what this person had to say. They're in
authority in this area. I'm going to listen to them.” You deliver them your lead magnet.

Follow Up With An E-mail Series

The next step is you're going to be following up with e-mail series. In this e-mail series,
you're going to be developing the relationship and also giving them some extra great
information about other areas that they might be stuck in.

This e-mail series will again provide value to hem, help them overcome their pain point, but also build that
relationship, build trust. After you've sent them an e-mail or two, that's when you can
introduce them to your core offer, “Hey! If you loved this information, this lead magnet,
you're going to love my program Great Abs for CrossFit Trainers.”

I don't know. Great abs would be awesome. Wouldn't it? Yeah!

Introduce your core product to them and get them to transition over. Give them some
information about what's in the core product and warm them up that way.

The sales funnel and the lead magnet is the start of the relationship between a person who
doesn't know you at all, to someone who's going to be a raving, raving students, who's
going to be telling other people about your program and products.

I know a lot of people get caught in the tech and they overwhelm. You've got a fantastic
program, but you're just lost in the world of tech, there's WordPress, and there's all the
plugins that go … 20,000 WordPress plugins that go with it.

Then there's how do you deliver the course. Then there's your check out. Then there's your landing pages. Then,
like we said, e-mails. How do you organize all of that?

That's where I want to help you. I've helped business owners sell their products online
that have generated multiple six figures. I know a bit about what I'm talking
about here.

I've worked at the backend and I know the tech stuff, and I know how I can reduce the
overwhelm for you. There's just a couple of tools that you need to invest in, and they're
not expensive tools.

Some people might look at one of these tools, say, for example, ClickFunnels. I love
ClickFunnels. It does it all. You can get started with that for just$97. That's a sideline

If you're running an online business, you need to put so
me money into it. What people will do is they'll spend $20 a month on these two, and then
another $20 a month on this one, and another $20 a month on this one.

Then you got three different things going on that band-aids, sticking all these things together. Whereas just if you invest in
just one tool that ends up being that same price, it just streamlines it.

You can get your courses up and running and sold in as little time as possible. That's
what we want. We don't want you to be banging your head against every wall going,
“Oh! Should I use this tool? Should I use this plugin? Should I use this platform?” You
want to get your programs up and running so that you can just start promoting them.

Get them out to your potential students and get your message heard.

If you would like to talk more about sales funnels, if you want to talk about the online
systems that you need to get your programs up and running online and how to sell
them, we talked Facebook ads, we talked about sales funnels, then I would
love to invite you and join me in my academy. It's

There, we have a Facebook group where you'd be able to come in and you
can ask questions about things that might be holding you up, getting you stuck and getting your
message out there.

Say, you've got a problem, a landing page. That's another thing that
you need to have in the funnel. “What do I do with a landing page? It's not converting.”

This is a place where you can come in and ask and get help and see what's going on. I'd
love to have you there. I'll put the link in this post as well, in this live.

If you've got any questions at all, below, type them in, and I'll be looking at these in the
next day or so. I'll be able to come back to you and answer any questions that you have
about Facebook funnels. How to get your ads going to the start of your funnel to build
up that know, like and trust factor and get your message out there.

I'm Jody from Goldilocks Academy, and I love helping online course creators
get their marketing just right. Thanks for joining me today and I look forward to talking
to you next time.

To learn more, visit

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