Claim Your Facebook Web Address

facebook marketing

Claim Your Facebook Web Address Have you claimed the Facebook web address for your page? When you create a Facebook Page, it is given a URL something like facebook. com/27862354872683 (a series of numbers).  You need to allocate a specific Facebook URL or Facebook Web Address to ensure your Page is easily found so it will […]

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When Is the Best Time to Post on Facebook

when is the best time to post on facebook

When Is The Best Time to Post on Facebook? This is a question I hear often.  There is no point standing in a room and sharing a fabulous message when the room is empty.  So why would you post on your Facebook Page when your Fans are not on Facebook?  You need to time your […]

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Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Marketing Live Streaming

Confused about Facebook Live Streaming? Do you need Facebook Mentions App? Do you need to be a Public Figure?  In Facebook’s ever changing platform there’s always something new to figure out.  The Live Streaming options which are rolling out are set to take your Facebook Marketing to new heights!  We all know Facebook loves video […]

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How to Block Facebook Game Requests

Tired of game requests choking up your newsfeed? Discover the super easy 3 step way to block these requests and keep friendships intact! We love our friends and family – we really do!  But sometimes those repeated requests to play Farmville or Candy Crush Saga just are not what you want to see in your […]

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