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How To Get More Sales From Ads Without More Ad Spend

How can your clients get more sales without any more ad spend? 

That's a problem most business owners would love to have a solution for and today I’ll help you with the answer in this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business.

Your client wants more sales and that's what you want for them, but how can more sales be generated without increasing the ad spend? 

They may have a strict budget and can't increase the ad spend, or perhaps there’s a  very small bottom of funnel audience with a tight retargeting window. 

For example, your client has a deadline funnel after a webinar and you’ve got just four days until the cart closes but you're only getting 20 people a day from ads to register for the webinar. Over four days until close of cart, that’s only 80 people at the bottom of the funnel. That's a small number and it’s going to be hard to get retargeting ads out to that small audience. 

So what can you do to help your client accelerate their sales without any more ad spend? 

I’m about to share a strategy I love to use in my business and give my clients and yes, it does go a little beyond the role of an ad manager, but let's be honest, ad managers are faced with this situation all the time. 

Your clients come to you and treat you like a business coach, a financial advisor, a marketing strategist, you’re often wearing all the hats! 

And this piece of advice probably falls under marketing strategy, but it's a great strategy that you can suggest to your clients and leave it up to them to decide if it makes sense to incorporate in their business. This is also a strategy you can build out and charge accordingly for if that’s how you want to structure your services.

More sales with personalization

The strategy to help your clients get more sales is one I’ve found personally to be really effective and it involves incorporating personalization with a nine-word email and an online video tool I love to use called Bonjoro. 

It’s a great strategy for getting infront of smaller audiences, it may not be as feasible with a large audience of webinar registrations because it is highly personalised, but for smaller audiences it’s definitely a strategy I find very effective for increasing purchases when the cart closing date is fast approaching.

The strategy works really well for high ticket offers.  I use this strategy for my Elite Ad Manager Certification which sells for $6,500 without any sales calls.  It also works well for offers priced around $497.  In the case of a $497 offer, there will likely be more people coming in, but this strategy is worth considering because it’s such a powerful method for converting high intent purchasers.  If there were a hundred people registered for a webinar, your client might not want to send each one a Bonjoro. 

This strategy works really well for high ticket offers, webinars and lower priced offers when the open cart emails are being sent.

The strategy in play

The strategy starts in the email platform when people click on a link in the email that takes them over to the sales page they’re automatically tagged and enter a new automation called the ‘nine-word email sequence’.  This is happening inside the client’s funnel, not through the Facebook ads you’re running.  The ads are doing their magic and getting into the feed as much as possible but with bottom of funnel audiences so small and tricky to retarget, running this strategy alongside the ads can be super helpful for boosting those purchases.

Once the contact enters the nine-word email sequence, there’s a wait period of 30 to 60 minutes before they’re sent a short nine-word email. You don’t want this email to go out as soon as they enter the automation in case they’ve purchased or are in the process of purchasing.  

After that initial wait period, if they haven’t purchased, then they receive the short nine-word email that simply says,

“Hey Jodie, 

Do you have any questions about the Elite Ad Manager?



So this one is a little longer than nine words but you get it.  It also looks very native and very organic. It’s not a templated email, so no header or footer images. It’s as if it's just been sent very naturally.

This very short and simple email encourages people to hit reply if they’re still on the fence and have questions.

Once the nine-word email is in their inbox, there’s a double whammy conversion booster with adding Bonjoro and personalizing the purchasing experience for the higher intent audience.

If they click the link to the sales page and haven’t purchased after the 30 to 60 minutes then they receive a Bonjoro.  I absolutely love using Bonjoro in my business because it gives me the ability to send a personalized video to the contact.

These are the actions in the CRM,

  1. The contact clicks the link to the sales page from an email
  2. The contact then enters an automation where they wait for 60 minutes
  3. After 60 minutes, if they haven’t purchased, they receive my nine-word email
  4. Then a trigger sends them over to Bonjoro and allocates a task to me that lets me know a contact is in the nine-word email sequence and I need to record a quick Bonjoro video for them
  5. There’s another 60 minute wait period which gives me the chance to record the Bonjoro.  In the Bonjoro I’ll say, 

“Hey Jodie, just reaching out to see if you’ve got any questions about the Elite Ad Manager? Doors are closing very soon and I’d hate for you to miss out. If you have any questions, just hit reply and I’ll personally answer them.”

When they receive the Bonjoro video they press play and the whole experience of receiving a personalized video from me where I say their name makes them feel really special. In this day and age when everything is automated (and I love automation) but it means a lot to someone when there’s a personal touch.  So why not use it when a tool like Bonjoro makes it so easy.

If your client has 20 or 30 of these to do, it doesn't take long to quickly record each one for 20 to 30 seconds each. That’s 10 to 15 minutes that could generate sales that might not have happened. Every time I’ve used Bonjoro I’ve received replies.

People say, 

“Hey, love that personal video. Thank you so much. I was just wondering if you have a payment plan?”


This simple strategy brings a high intent audience closer to purchasing in just four steps,

  1. They click on the link to the sales page from an email
  2. They go to the sales page
  3. After 60 minutes they receive the nine-word email
  4. After another 60 minute wait they receive a personalized Bonjoro

An extra tip for high ticket offers

For high ticket offers, the same steps apply but there’s a second email that follows up that nine-word email in 24 hours if there’s been no response or purchase.

It’s another opportunity to elevate the personalized experience and create another touch point for connecting with them. The purpose of the second email is to invite them to book a 15-minute call so they can ask any questions.  

Some people need a more personal touch to have their questions answered and build trust.  

So when those bottom of funnel ads aren’t feeding out, this strategy of combining the nine-word email with Bonjoro is super effective for boosting purchases in the funnel. It will help your client increase their connection with their audience and by personalizing their journey to purchase it builds trust and increases sales.

This is a strategy you can recommend to your clients if it sits well with them and their goals. It will make you look like a hero and they'll say, ‘Oh my gosh, that's a great idea! You’re the best!” 

If they give it a go they’ll have a great strategy for converting people into their offer and they'll get more sales. It will make you look incredibly good at what you do.

I’ve just shared one of my favorite strategies for getting more sales without increasing ad spend. I personally use it and I've suggested this strategy to clients as well. It never fails to get more sales. 

I'd love to know if you use this strategy. If you suggest it to a client, send me an email [email protected] I'd love to hear about your results with this strategy. 

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