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Expert Secrets To End 2017 Strong

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Well here we are in the last half of 2017 (does that sound melodramatic?!)  lol – but it’s true!  


Christmas decorations will soon be in the stores (maybe they are already in your part of the world…)


And we’ll be looking back at 2017 and our list of goals that we determinedly wrote down at the start of the year.


So today, I did something I did 4 times a year… and that was to evaluate the last quarter and plan the next quarter.  


I don’t know about you, but I want to finish 2017 strong.


There’s been waaaaay too many years where I’ve looked back and regretted the times where instead of moving forward despite fear, I’d retreated to my comfort zone.


It’s time to be comfortable being uncomfortable.



I’ve had the honour of helping others get their message to the world, behind my computer as I do their Facebook Marketing and Sales Funnels.  I’ve seen the impact their message has had on thousands of grateful people across the globe.


My clients have had various backgrounds, but basically, there’s nothing ‘special’ or ‘unique’ about them.  But the one thing they have in common is, they decided to be comfortable being uncomfortable.


The are now considered ‘Experts’ by their students & followers.


But they weren’t an ‘expert’ when they started.


What has since made them an expert, is that they turned their own passion for a particular topic into their message to serve others,  and has enabled them to grow into an expert.


I’m currently reading Russell Brunson’s latest book,  “Expert Secrets”.


It’s touching my soul.


“The only way to keep growing isn’t to learn more, but instead to shift our focus from personal growth to contribution.”


I spend hours each day studying and keeping up to date with the latest Facebook Marketing Strategies.  I have mentoring with at least 3 of the top Facebook Marketers in the world – I kid you not.  One of them is the guy Facebook goes to when they want to test something.  


So while I learn and train and take it all in for myself and my clients, I know the times when I really feel on fire is when I am sharing my knowledge with others.  


Perhaps you can relate to that?


However you take for granted all the knowledge you have and think it’s nothing special.  You’re no expert, you’ve got nothing to offer.


In Russell’s book, there’s 3 lines which really spoke to me, and I hope they speak to you too….

“My guess is that you are amazing.  And I bet that the more amazing you are, the harder it is for you to believe it.  Am I right?”


Here it is again…


“My guess is that you are amazing.  And I bet that the more amazing you are, the harder it is for you to believe it.  Am I right?”


Is it starting to sink in.


You have have much to offer.


There are people waiting to hear from you.  You are their teacher and they are waiting for you to turn up.  


What are you waiting for?


Can I encourage you to take some time today, to look at what you want to achieve in 2017 and beyond, and make a start.  You may not feel like an expert.  In fact you may even feel like an imposter, but just get comfortable being uncomfortable and as each day goes on, you will grow and so will your confidence.


However I dare say, if you continue this path, there will barely be a day you do feel comfortable as you continue to grow and fulfill your goals and desires.  


What is it that you are wanting to achieve in 2017? 


Step out from the shadow of doubt.







PS… If you don’t have a copy of Russell Brunson’s “Expert Secrets”   you can get a copy by clicking on the link below.  The book is free, you pay $7.95/$12.95 USD for shipping.  I seriously think I’ve highlighted more lines than I haven’t. (Yes this is an affiliate link, but as usual I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t personally use it and love it)


Get your free copy of Experts Secrets here

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