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Diversify Your Ad Management Services The Right Way

Are you thinking about diversifying your Facebook ad management services? In this episode of Online Confidential, where I take you behind the scenes to talk about ‘Secret Ad Manager’ business, I share four ways to diversify your Ad Management services and leverage your expertise with Facebook ads.

Even though there’s a lot of great value in being known as a specialist and an expert who has the systems and procedures in place so things run like clockwork, when it comes to Facebook ads, things change all the time. So, you don’t want to have just one service type to offer. 

You don't want to just have one thing going, even though there's a lot of great value in that. Okay. You get known as the specialist, you get known as the expert, you get systems and procedures in place so things can run like clockwork, but when it comes to Facebook ads, we know that everything's changing all the time.

When clients’ ads don't work, they want to cancel and go and try Google ads or they want to try Pinterest ads, and what a lot of ad managers end up thinking is: “I need to learn how to run Google ads. I need to learn how to do Pinterest ads” and their heads get so full.

There are so many things you could be doing but it doesn't mean you should do all.the.things.

If you've got a lot of great expertise with Facebook there are several ways to package up your expertise without having to go off and learn new skills or platforms.

Done for You Services

A Done for You service is just one way to bring in revenue with your Facebook ad expertise. That's where a lot of ad managers start and get stuck.

You’re just doing the done for you service and think you've got to stick with doing Done for You services but you have to learn all these other different platforms and offer all these different services. 

However it’s possible to expand your business by diversifying with other revenue streams that leverage your Facebook ad expertise. One way to do that is with coaching.

Facebook ads Coaching

Not everyone who comes to you is a great lead for your Done for You service. They may have a low budget or they may be just starting out. If so, you can offer them coaching instead of your Done for You service because they still want to do Facebook ads but they’re not at a stage in their business when having an Ad Manager is a good financial decision. 

It may be that they don’t want to learn how to do Facebook ads, but the truth is, they may have to roll up their sleeves and learn until their business can support the investment in having you onboard as their Facebook Ad Manager.

You can still help them, but offer them coaching instead of your Done for You service.

There are a couple of ways that you can package up coaching. Just with Facebook ads coaching you have an area you can diversify different revenue streams for your business.

1. Do One-on-one Coaching 

It’s more of a premium VIP service where they’re buying your time one-on-one. They get your your eyes on their ads with your suggestions and you can help them so they can learn. You save them so much time and frustration and money by helping them get their ads right with a personalized hand-holding approach.

2. Offer a Group Coaching Program 

This could be an entry level option. Where your one-on-one coaching is a VIP premium service, for a lower rate they can join your group program which might be a group coaching call on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM. Whoever turns up to the coaching call gets your time one by one to go through their campaigns and make suggestions, see what’s going wrong and help them to optimize. 

That's two ways that you can do coaching. You’ve got the option of offering group coaching and/or VIP coaching. What if your time is really valuable to you?

Well, that's where you have to weigh up the cost of the one-on-one coaching package. You’ll need to think about how many you can do. And yes, if you charge well enough for it, maybe it's $2,000 a month for the VIP coaching, or maybe it's $1,000 a month then four of those is $4,000 a month for four hours work a week.

That could be very worthwhile. Otherwise, you could have a group coaching program with 10 people each paying $500 a month. That's $5,000 a month for 4 x 1 hour clinics in the month. This coaching package will combine beautifully with your Done for You services. 

By having these types of offers you diversify your Done for You service with coaching packages.

3. Offer In-House Consulting 

Another avenue you can explore to increase your revenue with your Facebook ad expertise is in-house consulting. You can find companies and businesses where you could coach their in-house person and give them direction and advice for their Facebook ads and their Facebook ad strategy. 

For example, think about real estate agents. If there's a chain of real estate agents where a group of franchised agencies are all owned by one person, they may want to get you in to consult with their team.

They might have 10 different agency locations where they may have multiple people who do their social media and try to do their Facebook ads. You could be consulting to them in-house and give them the latest strategies, making sure they’re all on the same page and up to date with all the changes on the platform.

So with coaching, you've got premium VIP coaching and group coaching. Plus, there’s also in-house consulting as another option.

4. VIP Days

You can also offer other services like Facebook ad set-up services which you could package as VIP days. When it comes to VIP days, you don’t have to be locked into being with a client face to face or via zoom all day. 

After all, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with Facebook ads. The platform is always having updates, they just move buttons, they move little features, and it can take up a lot of your time. If you're sitting there with a client saying: “oh my gosh, this used to be here” it can be a bit awkward. 

Instead, you can do your VIP day or set up service without being in constant contact with your client on a specific day. It doesn't have to be a specific day. It could be a week that you make available to get things set up within the week. You'll have their lead generation campaigns, their client attraction code, or whatever your VIP Day service is, you'll have it all set up within the VIP timeframe. 

It may be that on Monday you have a one hour call and make sure you've got all the necessary logins and you've got the resources, the assets, the copy, the avatar, all the things that you need at the start of the VIP week so you can work on the completing the project. Then you have a call booked for Friday where you hand over the completed project with a walk through to show them how everything is set up and it's all done, ready for them to take over.

If you were to do a VIP Day and charge $2,000 to get that set up service done that is saving them hours and hours and hours of time trying to figure out how to do it all themselves. They’ll avoid costly mistakes like loading a traffic campaign to get leads and wonder why it's just not working, or wasting their money by loading ads that are not compliant and they get their ad account shut down.

A VIP Day is a super valuable service. If you did just one VIP Day that could be another $2,000. If you are still working full time in a nine to five job this service gives you the flexibility to be able to come home, do some work on this setup and then go back to work the next day, come home, and keep working on the set up and it complements your nine to five. 

With this approach, you don’t have to decide to quit completely and all of a sudden get your Facebook Ad Management business up and running. 

I’ve shared four ways to diversify your Ad Management services and leverage your expertise with Facebook ads.

  1. VIP coaching
  2. Group coaching 
  3. In-house Consulting, and 
  4. VIP Day setup services. 

These are four ways you can add additional revenue streams to your Done for You services with your Facebook ad expertise without having to learn other platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Google ads, and all the other things.

I'd love to know what you think? Have you tried diversify? What additional offers do you have to complement your Facebook ad management services? 

Send me an email at [email protected] I'd love to hear your thoughts. That's it for today's episode.

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