“How often should I Post on Facebook?” This is another contender for the #1 question that people have when it comes to promoting their business on Facebook.  Some pages post once a week, once a day or even 26 times a day!  The real question is “How often does your ideal client want you to post?” If you’re posting great content which they want to see and engage with, then they will welcome your posts  (but I do think 26 in one day could be wearing out your welcome and burning you out in the meantime!).  If you only post on
Facebook Business Page
Ok, number 1 rule for Facebook for Business is you you need a Facebook Page. This may come as a bit of of a surprise to a number of folk out there – but one of the most common questions people starting out on Facebook have is: What’s the difference between a Profile and a Page?”  This is probably the number 1 question which gets asked time and again because their on Facebook and they think they are one and the same. So let’s have a look at it… Here is my Facebook Personal Profile.  You can see it’s my
Facebook Marketing
Are you suffering from Facebook FOMO? Have you heard that people can make money on Facebook and you want in on the action? Firstly, in case you’re not familiar FOMO it’s the “Fear Of Missing Out”.   The good news is you certainly can get in on the Facebook action.   Facebook Marketing is a powerful tool for someone who wants to promote their business on Facebook. “But what if I don’t already have a business?” I hear you ask? Well, lets investigate that option for you because obviously if you want to be making money you have to have a
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